Nissan 240sx

These are just loose notes from around google. If you would like to fill in this spot please email


JZ Engine – Front sump from chaser or convert to front sump if rear sump
Mounting – Excessive mount kit includes motor mounts and transmission mount.
Transmission (toyota)- Chaser R154 puts shifter in stock location (rear linkage style r154, not supra)
Transmission (BMW) – PMC adapter flywheel and shifter adapter to ZF BMW M3 transmission
Fuel – Adapted lines
Power steering – Adapted lines
Throttle Cable – stock works but is long meaning it is not the cleanest setup
Radiator – Different setup depending on if you want electric fans or mechanical fan.
Brake booster – Add a check valve so you do not boost into the master cylinder
Front Swaybar – Clearance issues, must run aftermarket