Which Harness

The wiring harness, the key to any 1JZ swap, is one of the most important parts to consider. These days, the OEM wiring harness can be very difficult to find (not to mention expensive). I am going to list with some pictures the different wiring harnesses that you might find.

Supra JZA70:




If you want to find a universal harness built from scratch, this might be the most effective way to get your project up and running. Especially if you are swapping in a non Toyota Application.

Suprastore offers a universal harness (via tweak performance) for $1395+ depending on options. This might sound expensive, but once upon a time the OEM harness from Toyota was over $1000. Also, it can be configured to your specific application. The weeks or months you waste trying to make a harness might be worth the price.